"I don't care much for boasting Mortal, I am the Demon King, simple as that".

--Zezko to any Mortal challenger.


Zezko is a bright red Mobian who takes the shape of a hedgehog most often. He wears armor into battle and while his weight is a constant 160 pounds, his height varies with the form he takes upon entering the Mortal realms. His armor is black and gold, along with shackles he wears around his wrists for some reason. He also has a red cape that wraps around him like a cloak as he walks.


Zezko is unlike most demons in the regard that he isn't very prideful or easily angered. These 2 traits make him stand out so well that he can blend in with Mortals if he decides to. Zezko is usually calm, but is also quick-tempered when someone pisses him off. He doesn't deal with disrespect and will punish any who speak to him with it.

Zezko is also quite intelligent, being one of the few demons who actually has knowledge on most things that exist, including Heaven and Mobius. Zezko is generally... passive towards most Mortals unless they're a smartass or extremely arrogant, in which case he is quite a bit more strict and hostile towards them and will deal with them with biting words and perhaps even threats if he's pushed far enough. (However, pissing him off is not advised due to his insane strength and abilities)


Zezko came into being as Demon before the age of Mobians. He saw the new species grow in their cultural and technological regards throughout the eons and was impressed by them. He eventually was summoned to a battle in the Ancient War when a desperate soldier, wanting to save the lives of his squad, called him forth from Hell. Zezko entered Mobius and fought the legendary 1 versus 20 Armies battle that was depicted in legends as he fought his way through all of them and saved the squad from death.

Afterwards, he returned to Hell with the souls of every member of the 20 armies and was rewarded by Satan with an increase in rank to a Demon Officer. Zezko continued doing what was asked of him from Mortals, and collecting souls for Satan as he increased in rank to Demon General, Demon Lord, and Demon Noble. He even was given a place on the Court of Hell as the Demon Archbishop. However, Satan feared Zezko's rise to power and he secretly plotted to kill Zezko. However, the plot failed and Zezko figured out who wanted him dead and planned his revenge.

Zezko fought his way through Hell, slaying those closest to him the process before finally reaching Satan, who donned his battle armor and became gigantic before offering Zezko one last chance to stop his rebellion. But Zezko's friends arrived and were eager to help him. But Zezko said to them "Do not interfere, this bastard is mine and mine alone". Then he summoned the Sword of Sin and him and Satan clashed in a battle of wrath and anger as they battled for the throne of Hell. After lifting and shattering the Warhammer of Chaos, the weapon that created Hell, Zezko slayed Satan in front of every demon and destroyed his soul before putting on his crown and saying "Lucifer is gone, and I'm your new King". "Anyone got a problem with that"?

No demon dared to even think about challenging Zezko now that he'd proven his strength. So they pledged their loyalty to him and from that point forward, Zezko was the undisputed ruler of Hell. However, in the turmoil that followed, he caused the death of his family and branded himself with Eternal Shackles that would forever bind his arms together so he couldn't kill anymore innocent. However, it is said that if Zezko was to remove the shackles, then his power would surge to unimaginable heights.


Infernokinesis- Zezko can use hellfire like an other demon from Hell to deliver huge amounts of fire damage.

Demonic Strength, Speed, and Durability- Zezko has the typical powers that demons possess of being faster, stronger, and more durable than common Mobians.

Demonic Regeneration- Zezko can regenerate quite fast, but he is still able to be killed if enough damage is dealt fast enough. (Granted, even extreme strength or speed won't make it easy)

Demonic Possession- Like any other demon, Zezko is capable of possessing Mortals and making them do his bidding. However, he can either influence their thoughts from Hell or literally go into their mind to force them to do what he wants.


Sword of Sin- Zezko's main weapon, a jagged sword that looks much like a katana. It's red blade casts a glint that causes an eerie red light to shine wherever Zezko points it. The blade is spoken of in legends as the Legendary Sword of Sin, capable of reflecting damage based on Sin back to the opponent. While the sword is effective against sinners in particular, it's extreme strength allows it to harm the innocent. (But it deals less damage to them though)

Tablet of Demons- This isn't technically a weapon, but it can be used the same way as one. Normally, it is just a simple tablet that 1 would expect to see laws written on in codification. However, this isn't the case for the Demon Tablet. It allows Zezko to summon any demon OR demonic weapon ever created. However, there is 1 drawback. The tablet can only be used 3 times per day. After 3 times in a day, the tablet will not be usable again until exactly 24 hours later.

Discs of Torment- This is Zezko's ranged attack weapon. These are basically CD's that have a razor-sharp edge to them and will slice into those they hit and stick like a shuriken. However, that's only half of their story. After connecting, they will begin to transfer their contents into those hit by them. Those contents are nightmares that can cause the bravest hero to falter. These nightmares are stored as coding on the disks, so a Datakinetic could remove the code IF they know about the nightmare effect.

Goblet of Shadows- A cup that Zezko can drink from to become completely invisible. The effect is so powerful, he even cannot be sensed by those who can feel energy. However, Zezko only does this for sneak attacks and to heal once he's taken serious damage. Overall, this isn't used very often, but Zezko is capable of using it to make himself a tougher combatant to defeat.

Rod of Massacres- This rod is a heavy metal pole that glows with an eerie black light that can send shivers down anyone's spine. This rod is capable of causing mass murders across entire planets and sometimes galaxies if Zezko uses it to it's full potential. On top of that, it is a heavy rod that can be used as a blunt weapon if Zezko needs to do so.

Whip of Torture- A whip with countless spikes on it that stick into those it hits and tortures them by targeting their mind with powerful psychic attacks. They can be resisted by a strong-willed individual who's willing to fight for what they believe in to defeat Zezko. Even then, it is not an easy feat to perform.

Hand of Banishment- A spike that sticks out of Zezko's left palm. The spike, if it pierces the foes's armor and hits their skin, has the power to seal seal one of their power or abilities. The ability that gets sealed is random, but the seal remains in effect for 20 to 30 minutes. This weapon is very well concealed and impossible to prepare for without prior knowledge of the weapon.

Scythe of Exile- This scythe is Zezko's most dangerous weapon period. It has the power to take away the entity's right to the afterlife! While that may sound a bit stupid at a glance, they still are able to be killed. But if they die while under it's effect, they're GONE with no chance of EVER coming back. This is used only in extreme desperation and Zezko prefers to not use it unless he has no other choice.

(Pretty merciful for a Demon King, huh?)


Hell's Crown- The crown that symbolizes the King of Hell itself. This crown protects the holder from any Holy damage or Dark damage. On top of that, it also has the ability to give the user telepathy for as long as they wear it. The crown has been sealed to Zezko's forehead since he killed Satan and pried it from Satan's body and put it on.

Gauntlets of Souls- These matching gauntlets are very powerful in their own right. They're purple and are normally used by Zezko as a literal iron fist weapon. (Which means he uses them to punch his enemies in their face) However, as Zezko increases in power, they increase in strength too. On top of that, they also can grow scythes down the outside that Zezko can spin around to clear out entire hallways of opponents by slicing them apart.

Boots of Agony- When Zezko wears these boots, the sound of him walking, if the opponent is focusing on his movements, will give the opponent unrelenting agony and pain. Zezko uses these when he decides that the gloves are gonna come off and he's gonna kick someone's ass.

Mask of Delusions- This is a mask made of a mysterious metal that Zezko wears only when he must fight a challenging battle. The mask causes anyone who looked into Zezko's eyes to see illusions of various things. These illusions range from fake attacks to seeing their own death.

Armor of Domination- Zezko's personal battle gear. This armor is a black and red color that shines with a soft light that grows in radiance as Zezko gets stronger and angrier. This armor's innate power is domination and it's effect is that it slowly rises in power as a fight wears on. The longer the fight goes, the stronger it gets. The upgrade potential of this armor is limitless, so a battle with Zezko must be decided quickly.

Ring of Absorption- This ring is worn on Zezko's left hand and it's a golden ring with a blue gem set in it. The ring looks mostly cosmetic in terms of appearance, but that's a trick of Zezko. The ring gets it's name from it's ability to copy powers and use them against opponents. If the opponent was to use a fireball on Zezko, and he used the ring to block it, it would absorb the fireball and be able to launch a fireball at any time Zezko wished for it to do so, but he would only get 1 use from it before having to re-absorb it.

Amulet of the Dead- This amulet is has been Zezko's for a VERY long time. It was originally just a normal amulet. But Zezko imbued it with the power to raise the dead to battle for him in case he needs time to heal or regroup against an opponent or multiple opponents. This amulet also has emotional significance to Zezko, so destroying it is a sure-fire way to piss him off.

Shield of Equilibrium- This shield repels ANY attack with the same amount of force that the attacker used. So a stronger attack means a stronger repulsion from the shield that fires back at the attacker. Zezko uses this to deal with angry-style fighters to tire them out before finishing them off with a few well-placed attacks. This shield is usually reserved for drastic measures only.



Demonic State (This form allows Zezko to access his demonic powers in greater amounts then his base form, but it doesn't increase his actual power)

Demonic State II (This is an improvement from his Demonic State and it allows him to no longer suffer damage from his own attacks draining his energy rapidly)

Demonic State III (This is an improvement of his Demonic State II, it allows Zezko to contain his excess power and use his power without draining himself in 5 seconds)

Demon King Form (This is Zezko's first actual power increase, as it makes him about 10 times stronger, faster, more durable, and he heals even faster)

Demon God Form (Zezko's final form, this form is his extreme last measure, as it's power could destroy the realms if he cannot control it's insane power) (As for how powerful it makes him, he becomes about 30 billion times stronger and becomes capable of destroying entire hypermensions by just hitting too hard)


His combined arsenal of demonic powers, weapons, and armor makes Zezko nearly impossible to defeat, let alone kill.

Zezko's calm attitude makes him quite skilled in his weapons and abilities, it's nearly impossible to get under his skin enough to mess up his concentration.

Zezko's thousands of years worth of combat has made him into a killing machine that can strike down entire armies and legions by himself. (The evidence of this lies in the Ancient War, when Zezko fought against the combined forces of 20 armies by himself and stood victorious after a brutal 10 hour battle)


Zezko is very narcissistic and talks highly of himself quite often. Which can piss off his opponent. (But this can sometimes be played to his advantage)

Like any demon, Zezko can be effected by Holy weapons. Granted, they don't effect him as much as other demons though. (But they do have the power to kill him if the user is strong enough)

The Eternal Shackles limit Zezko's hand movement severely. He's still capable of fighting with them on, but he has decreased effectiveness. (Granted, he's still capable of easily whooping a non-powered Mobian's ass and can still defeat super-powered Mobians if he uses his abilities right)

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