"I don't care much for boasting Mortal, I am the Demon King, simple as that".

- Zezko to any Mortal challenger.


Zezko is a bright red Mobian who takes the shape of a hedgehog most often. He wears his armor into battle and while his weight is a constant 265 pounds, his height varies with the form he takes upon entering the Mortal realms. His armor is black and gold, along with shackles he wears around his wrists for some reason. He also has a red cape that wraps around him like a cloak as he walks.


Zezko is unlike most demons in the regard that he isn't very prideful or easily angered. These 2 traits make him stand out so well that he can blend in with Mortals if he decides to. Zezko is usually calm, but is also quick-tempered when someone pisses him off. He doesn't deal with disrespect and will punish any who speak to him with it.

Zezko is also quite intelligent, being one of the few demons who actually has knowledge on most things that exist, including Heaven and Mobius. Zezko is generally passive towards most Mortals unless they're a smartass or extremely arrogant, in which case he is quite a bit more strict and hostile towards them and will deal with them with biting words and perhaps even threats if he's pushed far enough. (However, pissing him off is not advised due to his insane strength and abilities)


Zezko came into being as a Demon before the age of Mobians. He saw the new species grow in their cultural and technological regards throughout the eons and was impressed by them. He eventually was summoned to a battle in the Ancient War when a desperate soldier, wanting to save the lives of his squad, called him forth from Hell. Zezko entered Mobius and fought the legendary 1 versus 20 Armies battle that was depicted in legends as he fought his way through all of them and saved the squad from death.

Afterwards, he returned to Hell with the souls of every member of the 20 armies and was rewarded by Satan with an increase in rank to a Demon Officer. Zezko continued doing what was asked of him from Mortals, and collecting souls for Satan as he increased in rank to Demon General, Demon Lord, and Demon Noble. He even was given a place on the Court of Hell as the Demon Archbishop. However, Satan feared Zezko's rise to power and he secretly plotted to kill Zezko. However, the plot failed and Zezko figured out who wanted him dead and planned his revenge.

Zezko fought his way through Hell, slaying those closest to him the process before finally reaching Satan, who donned his battle armor and became gigantic before offering Zezko one last chance to stop his rebellion. But Zezko's friends arrived and were eager to help him. But Zezko said to them "Do not interfere, this bastard is mine and mine alone". Then he summoned the Sword of Sin and him and Satan clashed in a battle of wrath and anger as they battled for the throne of Hell. After lifting and shattering the Warhammer of Chaos, the weapon that created Hell, Zezko slayed Satan in front of every demon and destroyed his soul before putting on his crown and saying "Lucifer is gone, and I'm your new King". "Anyone got a problem with that"?

No demon dared to even think about challenging Zezko now that he'd proven his strength. So they pledged their loyalty to him and from that point forward, Zezko was the undisputed ruler of Hell. However, in the turmoil that followed, he caused the death of his family and branded himself with Eternal Shackles that would forever bind his arms together so he couldn't kill anymore innocent. However, it is said that if Zezko was to remove the shackles, then his power would surge to unimaginable heights.

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Infernokinesis- Zezko can use hellfire like an other demon from Hell to deliver huge amounts of fire damage.

Demonic Strength, Speed, and Durability- Zezko has the typical powers that demons possess of being faster, stronger, and more durable than common Mobians.

Demonic Regeneration- Zezko can regenerate quite fast, but he is still able to be killed if enough damage is dealt fast enough. (Granted, even extreme strength or speed won't make it easy)

Demonic Possession- Like any other demon, Zezko is capable of possessing Mortals and making them do his bidding. However, he can either influence their thoughts from Hell or literally go into their mind to force them to do what he wants.

Flight- Like any God, Zezko has the power of flight.

Teleportation- Like any God and most Mortals, Zezko has the ability to teleport himself, others, objects, or pretty much anything to be honest.

Umbrakinesis- Being the King of Hell, even the darkness itself bows before Zezko.

Umbra-Infernokinesis- Zezko's own hybrid creation that combines his overpowering darkness with his incredibly potent hellfire to deal massive damage with black flames that'll burn his foes to their very soul.

Absolute Immortality- Zezko is literally impossible to ever kill for good. He regenerates from any wound, even if manages to completely obliterate him or even erase him. He also feels little to no pain, as his own regeneration stacks with this. This also makes it that Zezko is Eternal and will always exist no matter what happens to the realms of existence. In other words, he can't be beaten by ANYONE because he cannot be stopped for good. (The best you're getting, is him needing 2 seconds to regenerate back with his full strength)

Omnipotence- Everyone should already know what this means. But just in case you don't know, it means infinite, unstoppable power that allows the user to do anything they want without any logic or reason needed. Simply put, this along with Absolute Immortality makes Zezko able to live through ANYTHING, feel little to no pain, and do whatever he wants. All in his BASE form.


The Sword of Sin

Zezko's main weapon, a jagged sword that looks much like a katana. It's red blade casts a glint that causes an eerie red light to shine wherever Zezko points it. The blade is spoken of in legends as the Ame-Noktu Caligulis, better known as the Sword of Sin, capable of reflecting damage based on Sin back to the opponent. While the sword is effective against sinners in particular, it's extreme strength allows it to harm the innocent too.

The Discs of Torment

These are basically CD's that have a razor-sharp edge to them and will slice into those they hit and stick like a shuriken. However, that's only half of their story. After connecting, they will begin to transfer their contents into those hit by them. Those contents are nightmares that can cause the bravest hero to falter. These nightmares are stored as coding on the disks, so a Datakinetic could remove the code IF they know about the nightmare effect.

The Rod of Massacres

This rod is a heavy metal pole that glows with an eerie black light that can send shivers down anyone's spine. This rod is capable of causing mass murders across entire planets and sometimes galaxies if Zezko uses it to it's full potential. On top of that, it is a heavy rod that can be used as a blunt weapon if Zezko needs to do so.

The Whip of Torture

A whip with countless spikes on it that stick into those it hits and tortures them by targeting their mind with powerful psychic attacks. They can be resisted by a strong-willed individual who's willing to fight for what they believe in. Even then, it is not an easy feat to perform due to Zezko's intelligence being stronger than most Gods and nearly every Mortal.

The Bow of Depravity

A large compound bow that is silver in color and has an eerie black aura that surrounds it when an arrow is strung. A normal arrow fired from the bow causes a poison-like status to befall the target, slowly draining their energy. This effect can also be stacked up to 5 times on any target. Resistance to poison lowers the damage done by varying levels. The bow also possesses numerous special arrows as well.

Special Arrows

Black Magic Arrows (Deals random elemental damage ranging from Fire to Darkness)

Petrifying Arrows (Causes rapid petrification where the arrow lands)

Nerve Arrows (Causes paralysis wherever the target is hit and it lasts for about 3-10 minutes)

Hysteria Arrows (Causes the target to experience fear from the attacker, can be resisted)

Slumber Arrows (Basically, sleep darts in arrow form)

Explosive Arrows (Explode on contact and sends shrapnel out in every direction)

Seduction Arrows (Charms the target into helping the user, but will only work on the user's preferred gender) (EG: For Zezko, it would only effect females)

Passion Arrows (While similar to the Seduction Arrows, these require 2 targets to use. The arrows cause the 2 targets to fall in love. Unfortunately for the targets, this works on hetero and homosexuals alike. However, it can be resisted)

Karmic Arrows (Deals damage based on Karma, but has the same weakness as karmakinesis)

Packed Arrows (Arrows that have been packed together and fired as a single arrow. About a second after being fired, the single arrow explodes into multiple arrows that all possess the bow's innate poison effect)

Specter Arrows (An arrow that is fired into the air, where it explodes and unleashes specters everywhere. The specters will attack anyone aside from the user and can be used to cripple those with a fear of ghosts)

Sentience Arrows (Any object hit by these arrows gains sentiency. Those said objects will also assist the user in any way they can)

Revival Arrows (Self-explanatory, these arrows are able to revive the dead no matter how long it has been since they died. The revived also retain their memories and might hazily remember being dead)

The Spear of Gluttony

A large spear that has an eye on the hilt of the weapon. This spear has the ability to literally eat any energy-based attack regardless of strength of said attack and can even fire the energy back as a laser if the wielder wants it to do so. If the spear is used to stab or impale a target, it will drain their energy like a parasite and it's endless hunger allows it to even eat attacks that possess infinite power. The wielder is also able to absorb said power from the spear if they want to.

The Warhammer of Wrath

A gigantic hammer made of Hellfire-infused titanium. This weapon is a destructive force unlike any other of it's kind. The pure destruction this behemoth causes is powered by the anger of the user AND the hatred of the target towards the user. The angrier the user is and the more that the target hates about the user, the stronger this thing becomes. The base damage of this monstrosity is strong enough to destroy entire realms, making it easily one of the most destructive weapons.

The Boomerang of Envy

A boomerang with bladed edges, this can be a truly terrifying weapon. The boomerang's special quirk is that it possesses it's own free will. That free will however, is extremely envious. Once thrown, it acts like a typical boomerang, it hits something and then comes back to the wielder. However, it's target is always the strongest of all of the current foes, as it envies their power. Once it locks on to it's target, it becomes relentless in it's pursuit of them.

The Battle-Axe of Greed

A large battle-axe that is covered in Hellish runes and has claimed many lives. The axe is sentient, capable of speech, and hungers for combat. Every time the user of the axe slays someone, the axe absorbs their soul and grows more powerful than before. It's maximum power is virtually unlimited provided that the user is willing to keep killing others. The axe also responds to it's wielder's voice. As a matter of fact, the axe is usually very quiet and says little to nothing outside of combat. But when it's user tells it "It's feeding time", the axe springs to life, even growing a mouth on the axe head that sticks it's tongue out and licks it's lips.

The Mace of Thorns

A medium-sized mace with spikes all over it. The mace is also covered in sharp thorns that slither around it as the user unsheathes it. When swung, the vines lash out, allowing the user to hit those who are further away than normal without switching weapons. Plus the effect can be used as a sneak attack if the target isn't aware that the mace can do such. Since it's thorns, it can also cause bleeding to the target, dealing extra damage and weakening them.

The Bolas of Freezing

Throwing weapons used by Zezko to trap opponent's legs and freeze them. Zezko has a limitless amount of these and throws them at opponents to stop them in their tracks. If the bola hits an opponent, they will begin to freeze quite rapidly. In roughly 5-10 seconds, the target will be completely frozen by the spreading ice and only hellfire is capable of melting the ice with it's intense heat.

The Knives of Corruption

Another one of Zezko's ranged weapons, these are meant to be throwing knives. However, they can still be used up close and personal as well. Zezko has an unlimited number of these too and when used on a target, it begins to corrupt their mind and change their morals and beliefs. If Zezko uses enough of these, he could turn the greatest hero into the worst villain with just this weapon alone.

The Shurikens of Isolation

Throwing stars that when thrown, leave a trail of dark red energy behind them. These are far tougher than normal throwing stars used by ninjas, as they're made of hellfire-forged platinum and can slice right though most Mortal-made metals. (Anything below Mortal Platinum is getting sliced in half from these) If one of these shurikens hit a part of your body, that part of your body would stop responding to your brain's messages. Zezko has an unlimited amount of these and he can use multiple at once to effectively cripple nearly any opponent in a matter of seconds. However, god-forged weapons and armor or the most powerful mortal-forged weapons and armor is capable of defending against these. Also, they're just shurikens, they can be dodged by faster foes and rendered useless.



The Scepter of Fortuity

A scepter made from pure gold and was stolen by Zezko from Angel's vault of artifacts along with a few other objects. The scepter isn't extremely powerful in comparison with the rest of Zezko's weapons, armor, and items though. The only thing this scepter does is allow the caster to use any magic spells from any magic school except from the Special Schools. Using this, Zezko can cast any White, Black, Green, Blue, Arcane, or Summoning magic at random. Zezko can't pick which spell he gets, but he can influence the scepter enough to at least pick the school he wants. Since this weapon is mostly based on chance, it's effectiveness is random and not possible to predict. Because of this, Zezko will only use it while he's toying with an opponent or if he's forced to use it out of desperation. (Which is extremely unlikely TBH)

The Crossbow of Ruination

A demonic weapon created to destroy anything ever built. This crossbow is large for crossbow standards and fires 2 kinds of bolts, normal bolts and special bolts. The normal bolts are your traditional crossbow bolts that just hurt like a bitch when they hit you. The special bolts only come in one variety, unlike the Bow of Depravity's arrows, and that one special bolt is all Zezko needs for this weapon. The special bolt from this weapon causes anything hit by it to slowly start to decay. It works on anyone and anything, but as logic would dictate, tougher objects and people wouldn't go down as easily as weaker objects and people. (In other words, it'll ruin something like cardboard much faster than something like steel) The effect stacks up to 10 times on a single target, but will effect the target for only an hour at the very most.

The Halberd of Vengeance

A large halberd that has an axe head on both sides as well as a spear tip on the top. This halberd deals extra damage to targets that the wielder hates and that said damage is then multiplied based on the sins committed by the target. This weapon also ignores armor and defense, as only the strength of the user and the target's number of sins effect the weapon's damage output.

The Rope Darts of Doom

A dart that is attached to a chain that is connected to Zezko's arms like chained blades. Zezko possesses 2 of these, one on each arm. These are used mainly as sneak attack weapons or perhaps a wake-up attack in case an arrogant foe gets an okay hit in and thinks they've won. Now then, this is one of Zezko's most dangerous weapons, in case the name "Rope Darts of Doom" didn't give it away. If either of these darts hit an opponent, it gives them only 25 minutes afterwards to defeat Zezko. If the effected fails to defeat Zezko in that time limit, then they will die. No resistance can save them either, only defeating Zezko within the time limit will lift the curse. This ability is also capable of killing even Gods, which is probably why none of them bother trying to fight Zezko if they can help it.

The Hand of Banishment

A spike that sticks out of Zezko's left palm. The spike, if it pierces the foes's armor and hits their skin, has the power to seal seal one of their powers or abilities. The ability that gets sealed is random, but the seal remains in effect for the rest of the fight. Because of that, this weapon is very capable of making foes powerless to fight back. However, the sealed powers will return once the fight ends. This weapon is very well-concealed and impossible to prepare for without prior knowledge of the weapon.

The Hand of Erasure

A spike that sticks out of Zezko's right palm. The spike, if it pierces the foe's armor and hits their skin, it will start to drastically weaken their powers every second it remains in them. The potential of this weapon is that it can completely erase powers as well if used long enough. This weapon can also effect gods and erase their godhood if used enough against them. Just like the Hand of Banishment, this is impossible to prepare for without having prior knowledge of it.

The Flail of Time

A gigantic flail that has 2 spiked heads on it attached to 2 chains that are attached to a single thick handle. This weapon's effect changes depending on which of the 2 flail heads is used and which direction it is swung as well. If the left flail head is swung clockwise, time speeds up for the user and lets them move much faster. If the left flail head is swung counter-clockwise, time slows down for the target, allowing the user to have a much easier time hitting them. If the user swings the right flail head clockwise, then time will be stopped for the target, pretty much guaranteeing a hit for the user. And if the user swings the right flail head counter-clockwise, then time gets rewound as far back as the user decides to continue swinging the flail.

The Chakrams of Teleportation

Twin chakrams that are roughly 3 feet in circumference each and are bladed all around the outside. When thrown, they randomly teleport as they approach their target, making them next-to-impossible to avoid for most opponents. The user can also use these to teleport themselves if they want to, but their ability to teleport people and other objects is only average at best. (So no, they're not teleporting entire blocks with them) Even at their best, the most they could handle is probably only about house-sized objects. However, their power can be multiplied by the user's own power to become stronger or the user could also use the chakrams' energy to help themselves.

The Sais of Pain

Throwing sais that Zezko uses to fight with. These sais, once thrown and they hit something, will continue to cause pain even when removed from the wound. And since Zezko has an unlimited supply of them, he can really abuse them to completely cripple his opponents before he goes in for the highly-anticipating finishing blow. However, since Zezko prefers interesting to boring, the chances of him abusing these are fairly low unless he gets pissed off.

The Knuckles of Pulsation


The Javelins of Elements


The Tomahawks of Faith


The Slingshot of Wisdom


The Pike of Darkness


The Bo Stave of Transmutation


The Nunchaku of Echoes






The Claw of Annihilation


The Claw of Contagion


The Pistol of Deceit


The Rifle of Pestilence


The Shotgun of Condemnation

This shotgun is incredibly powerful, capable of destroying demons and angels with it's power. It is double-barreled, meaning it shoots two cartridges at once. This shotgun is actually sentient too, but it can't move on it's own. However, it can shoot on it's own. It has an extreme hatred for all Mortals, as they once betrayed it. As a matter of fact, it hates Mortals even more than Zezko. It is also used to uphold the law that Zezko has in Hell, as it carries out all his sentices.

The Dagger of Woe

AKA Zezko's Fuck You Button (That nickname comes from my cousin)

Zezko's most lethal weapon, which may only be possibly outclassed by the Scythe of Exile. The dagger is bound to Zezko, is completely unbreakable, and can pierce any armor, barrier, or bone. With just that being said, this weapon doesn't seem too bad compared to the over-the-top others. But that's the less scarier side of the story. The dagger only has one more ability, but it's all this dagger needs to be 100% honest. If the dagger manages to hit the foe anywhere on their body, even if it's just a scratch or graze, it's a 100% instant kill. Nobody is immune to this weapon, except Zezko himself, which is ONLY because of the Heart of Athanasia being his own beating heart. Mortals, Gods, Demigods, Angels, Demons, and Robots will ALL die in a single hit. Luckily for pretty much everyone, this dagger has been locked away and hasn't seen the light of day for over 4000 years.

It has only been used once ever, but the exact details are unknown. All that is known is that it was used to destroy someone or something once in the past. Aside from that, only Zezko himself may know more.

The Scythe of Exile

This scythe is Zezko's most potentially dangerous weapon. It has the power to take away the entity's right to the afterlife! While that may sound a bit stupid at a glance, they still are able to be killed. But if they die while under it's effect, they're GONE with no chance of EVER coming back. This is used only in extreme desperation and Zezko prefers to not use it unless he has no other choice. But if you piss him off, don't expect any mercy from him. He's only used this weapon on a few occasions and will show no hesitation to kill his foe with it if he must do so to stop them.


The Crown of Hell

The crown that symbolizes the King of Hell itself. This crown protects the holder from any Holy damage or Dark damage. On top of that, it also has the ability to give the user telepathy for as long as they wear it. The crown has been sealed to Zezko's forehead since he killed Satan and pried it from Satan's body and put it on. There is also a special gem embedded into the crown called the Utu Diamond.

The Utu Diamond

A unique diamond with a blood-red color to it. This diamond is also known as"The Gem of Ressurection", as the wielder will always return to life due to it's power. Unlike a typical diamond, the Utu is nearly unbreakable and is shatter-proof. The user will always return to life, no matter how they were killed. This diamond is the only object that can resist the Scythe of Exile's special effect and it also makes the user 100% immune to erasing-style attacks.

The Gauntlets of Souls

These matching gauntlets are very powerful in their own right. They're purple and are normally used by Zezko as a literal iron fist weapon. (Which means he uses them to punch his enemies in their face) However, as Zezko increases in power, they increase in strength too. On top of that, they also can grow scythes on the outside that Zezko can spin around to clear out entire hallways of opponents by slicing them apart. These gauntlets also are capable of ripping souls out of both Mortals and Gods with their incredible power.

The Boots of Agony

When Zezko wears these boots, the sound of him walking will give the opponent unrelenting agony and pain. Zezko uses these when he decides that the gloves are gonna come off and he's gonna kick someone's ass. These boots also come with a pair of greaves that allow the wearer to do a few more neat things to fight against any foes.

The Mask of Delusions

This is a mask made of a mysterious metal that Zezko wears only when he must fight a challenging battle. The mask causes anyone who looks into Zezko's eyes to see illusions of various things. These illusions range from fake attacks to seeing their own death. The mask is nearly indestructible and so far, no one has done more than merely scratch it. It is also combined with the Helmet of Sight to form an extremely well-defended helm.

The Chestplate of Domination

Zezko's personal battle gear. This chestplate is a black and red color that shines with a soft light that grows in radiance as Zezko gets stronger and angrier. This chestplate's innate power is domination and it's effect is that it slowly rises in power as a fight wears on. The longer the fight goes, the stronger it gets. The upgrade potential of this chestplate is limitless, so a battle with Zezko must be decided quickly. This has proven to be indestructible as well, as no one has even scratched it yet.

The Ring of Absorption

This ring is worn on Zezko's left hand and it's a golden ring with a blue gem set in it. The ring looks mostly cosmetic in terms of appearance, but that's a trick of Zezko. The ring gets it's name from it's ability to copy powers and use them against opponents. If the opponent was to use a fireball on Zezko, and he used the ring to block it, it would absorb the fireball and be able to launch a fireball at any time Zezko wished for it to do so, but he would only get 1 use from it before having to re-absorb it.

The Ring of Transformation

This ring is worn on Zezko's right hand and it is a golden ring with a red gem set in it. The ring looks like a piece of costume jewelry, but that's a trick Zezko's using. This ring gives the user the ability to transform into anyone that they know, Mortal, God, or Machine. However, while nearly indistinguishable in appearance and allowing voice mimicry, the ring doesn't copy powers or memories and could be foiled that way by those who actually know the person that Zezko transformed into.

The Amulet of the Dead

This amulet is has been Zezko's for a VERY long time. It was originally just a normal amulet. But Zezko imbued it with the power to raise the dead to battle for him in case he needs time to heal or regroup against an opponent or multiple opponents. This amulet also has emotional significance to Zezko, so destroying it is a sure-fire way to piss him off. This amulet also has a unbreakable medium-sized crystal on it called the Crystallum Heart.

The Crystallum Heart

An unbreakable crystal that speaks to it's user. The crystal is omnipotent, able to do anything it wants to. However, it is bound to it's user and cannot betray them. The crystal also has the ability to break the 4th wall, as it's capable of quoting memes, reading Wikia articles, and talking to creators. However, it does have it's own sentience and can act without it's user telling it to. This crystal is also able to summon all of Zezko's weapons, armor, and items in case Zezko doesn't have them in his possession.

The Shield of Equilibrium

This shield repels ANY attack with the same amount of force that the attacker used. So a stronger attack means a stronger repulsion from the shield that fires back at the attacker. Zezko uses this to deal with angry-style fighters to tire them out before finishing them off with a few well-placed attacks. This shield is usually reserved for drastic measures only. However, the shield can be overpowered by incredibly strong attackers who are able to deal extreme damage in short order.

The Belt of Resistance

A belt tied around Zezko's waist that allows him to move at any speed he chooses to without any limitations to prevent him from doing so. The belt gives Zezko nearly infinite immunity to G-forces, air resistance, water resistance, and vacuums, letting Zezko travel at any speed without any consequences inhibiting him. However, since it is only the belt that allows Zezko to do so, he cannot take others with him at such speed without them having some resistance of their own. Also, being a simple belt, it is easily broken and stopped from being used.

The Helmet of Sight

A helmet that is worn along with the Mask of Delusions as a set. This helmet allows the user to see in a perfect 360-degree vision around them. Not only that, but they also are able to see spirits, invisible objects, and even telepathic messages sent by telepaths. The helmet also gives the user limited omnipotence for as long as they wear it. While their power doesn't become limitless, it does give the user the abilities of foresight, telepathy, and semi-omniscience. (They gain knowledge on almost everything rather than literally everything) The helmet also grants 100% immunity to mind control and makes 95% of mental attacks useless as well as preventing blindness for the user as long as they wear it.

The Bracers/Pauldrons of Pride

Worn as a set of bracers on Zezko's elbows and pauldrons on his shoulders, these are not to be taken lightly. Not only do these become stronger based on the user's pride, but also do more damage to the target based on their own pride (EG: Egocentric Targets take more damage than Non-Egocentric Targets) And if that wasn't bad enough, they also can each grow tentacles that block attacks for the user. Each piece can create up to 50 tentacles, meaning the maximum is 200 if both bracers and pauldrons use their maximum number. These tentacles are fast enough to block bullets defend against light-speed attacks and they still allow Zezko to continue moving, making him able to defend and attack at the same time by using these. The tentacles also become faster if the user's pride becomes stronger or if the target is a prideful foe.

The Leggings of Immunity

Leggings that allow the wearer to become immune to any normal elemental attacks. This applies for the general kinetics like pyrokinesis and cryokinesis, but not for unique-style kinetics like Dawn's Umbra-Electrokinesis or Zephyrius's Ancient Aerokinesis. These also make the wearer 80% resistant to all forms of magic, even Special Schools. The wearer also becomes immune to status ailments like poison, blindness, confusion, petrification, and disease. This, in combination with the resistance against all magic, makes Green Magic literally useless against the wearer.

The Greaves of Thunder

Greaves that are attached to the Boots of Agony. These greaves act as a lightning rod and absorb electricity that makes electric powers useless against Zezko. When electricity is absorbed by the greaves, it makes the user get a large speed burst for a few seconds. The stored electricity can also be unleashed in the form of kicks that literally blast lightning at foes. If both greaves become fully-charged, then they can slammed together to cause a gigantic sonic boom that can cause entire timelines to rattle apart.

The Cloak of Nightmares

Zezko's personal red cloak that he wears everywhere he goes. Zezko has had this cloak in his possession for along time now and has grown a liking to it. The cloak doesn't offer much in defense, but it does the ability to cripple Zezko's foes with nightmares if he wills it. Other than that, the cloak doesn't do much of anything else. However, Zezko does have an emotional attachment to the cloak, so damaging it or destroying it will surely anger him. To put it simply, if you destroy this cloak, Zezko will most likely destroy you 200 times worse.

The Wristguards of Kinetics

A pair of wristguards that are worn on the Gauntlets of Souls. These wristguards increase the user's kinetic power by 20,000 times each. If the user uses both, it becomes 40,000 times stronger. This increase also stacks with forms. (EG: If the user enters Super form, 1 wristguard goes from 20K to 40K and using both goes from 40K to 80K) These also increase the user's ability to control said kinetic powers by focusing the energy. By powering up the kinetic energy, the wristguards also make the kinetic attacks unable to be absorbed. These also literally give off extreme heat as well, so grabbing them isn't advised.


The Tablet of Demons

This isn't technically a weapon, but it can be used the same way as one. Normally, it is just a simple tablet that 1 would expect to see laws written on in codification. However, this isn't the case for the Demon Tablet. It allows Zezko to summon any demon OR demonic weapon ever created. Zezko can use this in order to summon the entire army of Hell, along with their vehicles and destructive weapons, to perform an invasion on Mobius if he wants to. This should be noted as a very potentially dangerous item, since if Zezko uses it with logical thought, which he possesses a lot of, then he'll be able to strategize nigh-perfect strategies to take over Mobius and destroy the heroes.

The Goblet of Shadows

A cup that Zezko can drink from to become completely invisible. The effect is so powerful, he even cannot be sensed by those who can feel energy. However, Zezko only does this for sneak attacks and to heal once he's taken serious damage. Overall, this isn't used very often, but Zezko is capable of using it to make himself a tougher combatant to defeat.

The Urn of Sloth

An urn that is very heavy and filled with the ashes of countless dead demons. The urn is used by taking the lid off and sweeping some of the ashes into the user's hands. Then, the user could throw or simply blow the ash towards their foes. If the ash touches the target, it affects the target's stamina. The ash quickly drains them of stamina and leaves them vulnerable due to exhaustion. However, it should be noted that this doesn't work on most Gods, as their stamina is often-times infinite.

The Jar of Riddles

A jar that is a literal "Bag of Tricks". The user reaches into the jar and randomly chooses a riddle to pull out. Then the user asks the target the chosen riddle. If the target gets the riddle correct, then they receive a stat boost for about 10-15 minutes while the user receives a stat cut for the same amount of time. If the target gets the riddle wrong, then it's merely done in vice versa. The jar is also unbreakable too, despite looking like it's made of glass.

The Cube of Binding

A small cube that is used by Zezko to trap Mortals and corrupt them into joining his side. Once trapped inside, there is no escape, which leaves only 2 options for those who are trapped. Option 1, remain trapped inside until they die and Zezko gets their soul then. Or option number 2, they pledge their allegiance to Zezko and he'll let them out. However, there's no way to backstab Zezko without him catching on to you. I mean face it, he's the master of backstabbing and manipulating, he'll trick you before you'll trick him. If you attempt mutiny, Zezko will find out but won't say anything. He'll use you and play your strings like a puppet until he's doen and you've expended your usefulness. Then, he'll cut your strings and that'll be all she wrote.

The Book of Creation

The one and only Book of Creation that Zezko stole from Angel herself. The book allows the creation of anything the user wants, without any limits at all. The book is infinite in pages and the book itself cannot be destroyed or erased. However, the creations from the book can be destroyed by either normal means or by erasing their names from the book itself. The book is bound to it's last user, only able to be summoned by them and used only when summoned. Since the book's power is literally infinite, it's only real limitation is the imagination of the user. Zezko also stole the Mirror of Truth/Council when he took this from Angel.

The Mirror of Truth/The Mirror of Council

(Note: This has been known by both names from different users, so it can officially be called both)

Formerly owned by Angel, tis was stolen along with the Book of Creation. This is a small handheld mirror that shows the user the truth of any lie and can also show the inside feelings of the target. The current user is 100% immune to the mirror's power and the mirror is never wrong. The mirror also will answer any question it's wielder asks it, provided there's an actual answer. And since the mirror likes to "mirror" it's user, it has a twisted mind just like Zezko himself, often answering his sometimes murderous and insane questions with laughs and evil remarks. (EG: If Zezko asked his mirror how he should finish off his opponent when they're pretty much beaten to a bloody pulp, the mirror may laugh and say "The most brutal way possible of course". "Unless he'll be useful as a pawn to wage war against the Gods that is". Then Zezko will most likely laugh and say "I like the way you think, no wonder we get along so well"!)

(Yes, Zezko talks to his mirror a lot too since it's just as evil as he is XD)

The Skull of Dementia

A human-sized skull made of pure crystals, complete with eye sockets. When this item is activated, the eye sockets will glow bright red. If the target makes eye contact with the red eyes, then the skull will slowly start to erase the memories of the target. The willpower of the target can allow them to limit the effectiveness of the skull by making it erase their memories at a much slower pace. The extremely strong-willed may even be able to completely resist this ability provided they notice it fast enough. Keep in mind that the skull can't bypass mental locks that prevent memory wiping abilities and can be broken if hit directly. This ability also doesn't work very well on those who suffer from amnesia, as they already have very little memories to lose.

The Cards of Protection

A collection of 52 cards that automatically protect the user if they start to suffer moderate to severe damage. These cards are anything but ordinary though, as they can grow in size to block massive attacks and slowly reform after their destroyed. The cards can also combine together into a giant card capable of blocking even timeline-shattering attacks. The more hurt the user gets, the stronger these cards become and the larger their able to become to block more powerful attacks.

The Horn of Youth

A horn, the musical instrument kind to be exact, that gives the user the ability to make themselves younger. In order to use the horn, all the user must do is play it and it will simply make them turn as young as they wished. The horn also has the ability to make the user's opponents become younger, which can be abused to make the opponent a baby again and effectively screw them over. However, time is still a major factor to consider, as it would take many times longer to make a 40 year-old person a child again compared to the time it would take for a teenager. That becomes especially apparent against characters who've lived for hundreds to thousands of years. And in a few cases, making a particular character younger may not be the wisest choice to make. (For example, making Vuxo younger would really only just fuck Zezko over since it would just give Vuxo his previous power back)

The Doors of Space

A collection of doors that the user summons out of nowhere. They number in at least the billions and pretty much allow the user to use them to go anywhere they want to go. These doors transcend time and space and can literally lead anywhere in existence. The only places these can't reach are personal realms and MAYBE the void. (Although the Void hasn't been tested yet) The doors also respond to the will of the user, meaning they can appear anywhere at anytime and any of the doors can appear. The user can even choose where the door takes them if they want. The doors can be destroyed, as they are merely magic doors that can teleport and aren't any tougher than a normal door. However, due to their extremely high numbers, trying to destroy them all isn't advised.

The Scroll of Judgement

A simple scroll that the user must write the name of the user on to activate. Once the user writes the target's name on the scroll, the target faces judgement for their every action. Depending on if the target is mostly good or mostly bad, they will either be spared or punished. If spared, they will suffer no damage and may instead gain a stat boost for their innocence. If they are punished, they will suffer moderate-high damage and may get a stat cut for their sins. On the rare occasions that someone ends up as a neutral, with neither enough innocence to gain the boost or sins to get the cut, then they will not get anything and will remain the same as they were before the scroll was used.

The Lamp of Delirium

A simple lamp that Zezko keeps attached to his belt. It is normally turned off and isn't turned on unless Zezko decides to use it. When Zezko turns it on, it gives off a warm light. This warm light is nice and inviting, but does the opposite of what it looks like it would do. Anyone who looks at the light or stands in the light's glow, aside from the user, will start to get confused and lose their bearings. The usual time that it effects a foe is from 5 to 10 minutes, but the amount of light exposed to the foe and how long they were exposed both effect how long it remains. The absolute longest time it will remain in effect is an hour.

The Fruit of Might

Normal-looking fruit that grows only in Hell carried already inside a normal-looking bag. The fruit is useless to Mortals however, as it only effects Gods, Angels, and Demons. When a God, Angel, or Demon eats one of these fruits, their strength, speed, and stamina increase drastically for an entire 24 hours. The effects of these fruits can be stacked up to 10 times and makes the user about 3 million times stronger if all 10 are stacked. However, as these are merely normal fruits that are enchanted with their ability only when eaten, they are easily destroyed if attacked directly.

The Guitar of Chaos


The Ark of Invasions

A truly massive boat that can travel on land, on and in water, and in the air. This warship is practically indestrustible too, as it has yet to even be marked by any weapon during the 3000 years it's existed. This is Zezko's battleship, used to lead his invasions of other realms. Being the lead of an entire fleet, it has an entire fleet of similar warships that sail with it. The boats also can travel through space as well if they need to. Each of the smaller vessels possess thousands of crew members and thousands of hellfire cannons. Zezko's own boat has millions of cannons on it and is run only by him and his most-trusted generals. The fleet has fought 4 wars for Zezko, and the fleet has won all 4 without any casualties.

If Zezko would invade Mobius with this behemoth, then the chance of him winning would be about 95%. Zezko didn't use this when he tried to invade Mobius, as he was too bored to guarantee his victory by using it. (The direct quote is "I would call in my fleet to end this now, but I've been far too bored for far too long to guarantee my victory without giving you a fair chance". "Consider your world lucky that I've decided to play fair for the first time in a very long time".)

The Ichor of Potency


The Heart of Athanasia

This, the literally beating heart of Zezko, is both his ultimate weapon and his ultimate armor in one form. The heart gives it's body immortality and makes the body immune to the concepts of Life and Death. Meaning the heart's body will never die UNLESS the heart itself is removed. This also gives the body completely infinite power, making NOTHING beyond their power. This also causes the body to eternally return to Life, as it is immune to Death. However, it also comes with the price of being immune to Life. Which makes the body unable to grow up any further or experience many of the joys in Life. There is only 1 drawback to the Heart of Athanasia, but it is a MAJOR one. While the Heart is completely infinite in power, the body it's in isn't and can't contain the incredible power it has by normal means.

However, in a body, or perhaps a form, that can handle infinite power, the Heart is capable of using it's true power with no real limit to stop it. However, there is a risk on the form idea. Because if the body reverts back to it's base form while the Heart is still using it's full power, the body WON'T be able to handle it and the body will be destroyed. However, even then, the Heart itself will live on and find another body to inhabit...



Demonic State (This form allows Zezko to access his demonic powers in greater amounts then his base form, but it doesn't increase his actual power)

Demonic State II (This is an improvement from his Demonic State and it allows him to no longer suffer damage from his own attacks draining his energy rapidly)

Demonic State III (This is an improvement of his Demonic State II, it allows Zezko to contain his excess power and use his power without draining himself in 5 seconds)

Demon King Form (This is Zezko's first actual power increase, as it makes him about 10 times stronger, faster, more durable, and he heals even faster)

Demon God Form (Zezko's final form, this form is his extreme last measure, as it's power could destroy the realms if he cannot control it's insane power) (As for how powerful it makes him, he becomes about 700 quadrillion times stronger and becomes capable of destroying entire realms of existence by just hitting too hard)




His combined arsenal of demonic powers, weapons, items, and armor makes Zezko nearly impossible to defeat, let alone kill.

Zezko's calm attitude makes him quite skilled in his weapons and abilities, it's nearly impossible to get under his skin enough to mess up his concentration.

Zezko's thousands of years worth of combat has made him into a killing machine that can strike down entire armies and legions by himself. (The evidence of this lies in the Ancient War, when Zezko fought against the combined forces of 20 armies by himself and stood victorious after a brutal 10 hour battle)

Zezko's resistance to magic makes light magic very ineffective to try to kill him with, making holy weapons the only real choice to kill him.

Zezko is the undisputed Master of Manipulation, as he's easily caused events to be changed by altering people's motives with his own evil intentions. Almost no one can resist his manipulation either, as he preys on those with weaker minds and those with stronger minds alike.

Zezko literally CAN'T die. No matter what the hell you do to him, he'll just get back up like nothing happened to him to begin with.


Zezko is very narcissistic and talks highly of himself quite often. Which can piss off his opponent. (But this can sometimes be played to his advantage)

Like any demon, Zezko can be effected or killed by Holy weapons. Granted, they don't effect him as much as other demons though. (But they do have the power to kill him if the user is strong enough)

The Eternal Shackles limit Zezko's hand movement severely. He's still capable of fighting with them on, but he has decreased effectiveness. (Granted, he's still capable of easily whooping a non-powered Mobian's ass and can still defeat super-powered Mobians if he uses his abilities right)

Despite all of Zezko's powers, weapons, armor, items, and resources, Zezko has never successfully conquered Mobius during the 5000+ years he's been the King of Hell. (Granted, he only tried once and he had the war in the bag until he decided to play fair)


Zezko is basically the Satan of my fanon. (Which I've said twice and have implied multiple times)

Zezko was 1 of the only 3 of my characters who were undefeated in fights until he was beaten by Prizor in Prizor's Wrath. (The other 2 are still undefeated though, they are Vuxo and Blade)

Being the God of Demons, Corruption, and Evil, Zezko has given every demon their own job and also has appointed his own envoys like Dawn and Pyro to Mobius to gain intel for him.

It is widely considered to be true that Zezko is the one who gave TLK his job as Hell's Gatekeeper and that he promised something to him in return for his service. (But since TLK is dead in canon, who knows what'll happen)


"I don't follow orders from those fools from the realm above". "I walk my own path".

- Zezko when questioned about why he doesn't listen to the other Gods.

"Do you really think those Gods you pray to care about you"? "If so, why don't you grab that knife over there and slit your throat"? "Then we'll see if they truly care about you".

- Zezko to a Mortal who has blind obedience to the Gods.

"I don't give a fuck about your ideologies". "The entire concept of Good and Evil was made by you Mortals as an excuse to have command over each other by placing your peers inside of cells whenever they threatened your ideas or goals". "We didn't create your ideologies, your own greedy minds did".

- Zezko when a Mortal tries to speak to him about ideology.

"All of you Mortals fail to understand something here, I'm not trapped in your little prison here with all of you". "All of you are now trapped inside of your little prison with me".

- Zezko when Maximus traps him inside his Crystal Prison with Ty, Xia, Dawn, Ashura, Kara, Legna, Johnny and himself.

"We are the Yin and the Yang, the light and the dark, we are Eternal enemies my dear Angel". "We will never be friends, only mere allies in the most extreme circumstances only". "My allegiance to you is even more shallow than the trust I have for Mortals". "However, I will help you this one time, but only on my terms".

- Zezko when Angel, begrudgingly, asks him for Hell's help against an otherworldly invasion.

"Hmph, another one huh"? "You Mortals always rely on us Gods for the answers to all of your questions and to save your sorry asses from extinction". "What will you do when we turn our backs on you"? "You'll either rise to the occasion and save yourselves or you'll stay the way you are and pass on". "And given your collective track records, you're all going to die".

- Zezko when a Mortal begs him for help and he pretty much tells them to fuck off.

"There's no such thing as accidents". "There's only things you're meant to do and things you're not meant to do". "If you've done it, it's because we decided that you should've done it". "if you failed, then it means we decided that you're not meant to do it".

- Zezko being about as supportive as he's ever been.

(Note: The next quote is LONG)

"Sometimes, even the little demon on my shoulder asks me to grant you Mortals mercy". "Unfortunately for you asswipes, mercy isn't my game". "But I'll spare your life this once, but not out of mercy". "My workers are complaining about there being too much work and not enough workers". "So, welcome to your new job"! "Make sure you wear your employee uniform to work everyday". "If you fail to wear it, the first time offense is 4 weeks of painful torture". "Every subsequent offense adds another 4 weeks, so you'd better not mess up your suit or lose it". "Replacements come at the price of 1000 lashings from a whip". "There is no healthcare, I don't care if you get mugged, beaten up, or raped either". "If you feel like skipping days at your job, you'll be relocated to cleaning my dog's shit off my floor with your tongue". "You will receive no pay either, I'm already being too nice to you". "If you happen to die while working, take it as a blessing". "Because if you go to Heaven, I won't care enough to go after you". "If you end up here, well, your contract just got an extension". "Also there is no such things as 'holiday vacations' down here". "On Christmas, you work 25 times harder and on every other holiday it's 50 times harder". "Now then, your boss can fill you in on the specifics of your job". "You can ask them about what you should be doing, I got more important shit to do then babysit you". "And if you question them and they smack you, they're always right and you're always wrong". "Now get your ass to work, you're wasting your own meaningless time AND mine too"!

- Zezko when a Mortal begs him for mercy after challenging him and losing badly, but Zezko decides to grant his own version of "mercy".

"Everyone would like to be accepted and liked Mortal". "Well, except for me, I couldn't give less of a fuck about that".

- Zezko when I Mortal demands his respect.



  1. Destroyed 20 armies on his own early in his career as a demon in 10 hours.
  2. Overpowered Satan with his own power, despite his friends asking to help him.
  3. Shattered the Eternal Shackles, which were made originally to contain Vuxo.
  4. Shattered the Warhammer of Chaos, which created the realm of Hell.
  5. Has victories over Ty, Xia, Johnny, Maximus, Kara, Dawn, Legna, Ashura, and even Angel.
  6. At his peak, can go bell-to-bell with SG Vuxo.


  1. Outruns light and reacts faster than light on a daily basis.
  2. Can dodge minigun fire at point-blank distance from all 8 directions by sidestepping.
  3. Can dodge light speed attacks without even looking their direction.
  4. Attacks at speeds that even those with the ability to see light-speed attacks can't see him attack.
  5. Once sliced every raindrop that fell during a thunderstorm and he was completely dry when the rain stopped.


  1. Shrugs off lethal wounds like paper cuts.
  2. Has been decapitated, eviscerated, and disintegrated and has still survived.
  3. Can resist holy weapons, despite being a demon.
  4. Can survive nearly amount of G-forces working against him.
  5. Even Angel's spear, which one-shots everything, piercing his heart failed to destroy him.
  6. Has survived Total Erasure from Angel, barely.


  1. Labeled as both the smartest and most cunning demon in Hell.
  2. Has tricked every one of my characters at least once. (Even those like Xia, who are geniuses, and those like Vuxo, who are immortals and borderline omniscient)
  3. Defeated an entire union of strategists by himself in a fake battle of strategies.
  4. Can count to numbers higher than 999 googolplexes.
  5. Knows every language, even languages that people don't know exists yet and gibberish.


  1. Matched Squall in a fair fight with his pure skill with his blade alone.
  2. Has equaled all 10,000 blades of Vuxo's 10,000 Blades attack.
  3. Can block hits from someone as skilled as Ty, who's the Top General in the Mobian Army, without even facing them and while fighting someone else.
  4. Zezko is so precise with his slashes, he can strike an atom's molecular bonds and basically rip a person to shreds when used in combination with his speed.

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